Crop Protection Chemicals

We assist customers in meeting their needs for safe and environment-friendly crop protection chemicals. We supply products that are highly selective in their action to minimise the impact on non-target organisms. We have under one roof a broad range of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Product Name
Captan Tech 95% min / 50 WP
Chlorpyriphos Tech 98% min
Copper Oxychloride Tech 97% min. (CU 58% min) / 58.8% WP
Cypermethrin Tech 93% min
Deltamethrin Tech 98.5% min.
Ethion Tech 95% min. / 47EC
Fenvalerate Tech 93% min.
Malathion Tech 95% min.
Mancozeb Tech 85% min. / 80 WP
Metribuzin Tech 94% min / 70WP
Permethrin Tech 93% min.
Profenofos Tech 94% min. / 50EC
Propiconazole Tech 95% min.
Prothioconazole Tech 97% min.
Tebuconazole Tech 97% min.
Temephos Tech 92.5% min
Thiacloprid Tech 97% min.
Thiamethoxam Tech 97% min.
Thiophanate Methyl 70WP
Zinc Phosphide Tech 80% min. / 80WP