Pharma Process Equipment

We provide solutions for any process equipment that ensure a good life cycle, safety, quality, and consistency levels critical for the target outputs. We understand that these equipment are often subject to various scale-up and validation experimental tests, which can be quite expensive to execute in terms of both time and materials. We specialize in supplying the following equipment:

  • Roller compaction system
  • Tablet coater
  • High Shear Mixer Granulator
  • Fluid Bed System
  • Pellet Coating System 

We also specialize in delivering customized manufacturing and sterile processing systems for the pharmaceutical industry. Assuring sanitary integrity is the key to any pharmaceutical sterile processing systems and this is kept foremost in mind at all stages of design, engineering and manufacturing while offering the below:

  • Sterile Mixing and Blending vessels
  • Mobile Skids
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Aseptic Processing Systems
  • Integrated Skids
  • Liquid Orals Processing Systems
  • Super Skids
  • Ointment & Cream Processing Systems

Fluid Bed System

Fluid Bed System

CIP Skid

Mixing Skids

Mobile Skids